SFS Hospitality Group

Our Passion


Culinary expression that is genuine to its origin and remains conscientious of selectively sourced ingredients that are sustainable and lower carbon footprints.


Avant-garde in bridging hospitality communities with innovative, diverse, and natural settings with a premium experience focus.  


Beer, Wine, & Spirits enthusiasts that are committed to elevating the standards of the industry.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of service excellence and experiential hospitality.

Our Pillars


 Our leadership team is comprised of over 60 years of experience in the hospitality industry.  This includes hotels, sports and entertainment, bars, and restaurants. 


 Our systematic approach to preparation and execution delivers consistent results in both operations & financial performance. 


 We dedicate countless hours to exercising best practices in all areas of operations. Trust in people and in our systems lead to elevated acts of hospitality. 


We are proudly tasked to create trends, not follow them. Our industry professionals collaborate with leaders in technology, arts, entertainment, and hospitality.


We our inspired by the responsibility of safeguarding our environment through sustainable acts of recycling and energy efficiency.

The People Factor

 Our greatest asset is our people. We pride ourselves on team building, inclusion, and continual development.  

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